Bet Hayeled was established in 1994 by members of Kibbutz Merav.

Our Mission

Our group home serves orphaned or at-risk children from troubled homes that have been referred by the State of Israel's social service network. The home is uniquely dedicated to children who cannot be returned to their biological families and need to rebuild their lives in a warm, nurturing community.

The home itself accommodates children from kindergarten through 12th grade and sees to all their emotional and physical needs. While the government's oversight ends when the children graduate high school, our lifetime commitment to these young adults continues on. We have pledged to be their "family" and see them through the next stages of life both emotionally and financially. This includes such challenges as the army or national service, university education or vocational training and eventually marriage and the beginning of a family of their own.

In short, our mission is to extract these children from the cycle of distress, while fostering a framework that inspires them to integrate into and contribute to society.

Bet Hayeled
Making a difference that lasts a lifetime


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