Who We Are


Irit Zucker

is co-founder of the Bet Hayeled program and it was her initial idea and activism that brought the program to fruition in 1994. Since that time she has served as the foster mom for the children in the program. Irit along with her husband, Rabbi Eitan Zucker, are founding members of Kibbutz Merav. She previously volunteered with at-risk infants in a shelter in the Jerusalem area.

Yitz Feigenbaum

is co-founder of the Bet Hayeled program and has served as the foster dad for the children in the program since its founding in 1994. Along with his wife, Debbie (Franklin), Yitz made Aliyah to Kibbutz Merav in 1992 where he has since served in various positions on the kibbutz including treasurer and board member. He has a BA in psychology from Yeshiva University and a MBA from Barry University - Florida and was former National Director of Bnei Akiva of North America.

Ranit Yam

has served as the head psychologist for Bet Hayeled for over five years. Her responsibilities include directing the weekly staff meeting, personal sessions with the children and meetings with parents of the Bet Hayeled children where deemed appropriate. She has a BA in psychology and philosophy and a MA in clinical and educational psychology - both degrees from Haifa University. Ranit also oversees all psychological counseling needs related to the Bet Hayeled children.

Chanya Benallon

lives on Kibbutz Merav and has served as our social worker since 2009. She studied at Bar Ilan University where she received her BA in social work. Her responsibilities at Bet Hayeled include contact with the children's social workers and parents. In addition to her work at Bet Hayeled, she currently serves as a social worker at the local welfare office in Bet Shean.

Bet Hayeled
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