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The Merav Children's Group Home

Bet Hayeled Merav (as the Merav Children's Group Home is better known) was established over fifteen years ago, to offer a warm home and educational environment to children from families suffering social and emotional distress. These children are referred by the state's social service agencies in cooperation with the court system. Children as young as age six arrive at Bet Hayeled where they live in a large "family home" on the kibbutz. Staff caregivers include a house-mother and house-father, two post-high school National Service volunteers, psychologist(s) and social worker.

The Bet Hayeled children benefit from normal "family services" including: a spacious house to live in, good nutrition, placement in suitable educational frameworks, psychological counseling, extra-curricular activities, tutoring, participation in the youth programming of Merav, and a host kibbutz family.

Four principles serve as the foundation of Bet Hayeled, and they are:

  1. The Family Model - our parenting team, together since the inception of Bet Hayeled, enables the children to experience a trusting, on-going relationship with adults. This re-building of trust in adults is a core childhood necessity so lacking in their biological home environments.
  2. Involvement in the Community - The establishment of the home within the kibbutz community advances the family model concept. Our children interact and mix naturally in the healthy, dynamic environment of the kibbutz members and their children.
  3. Emotional Support and Educational Advancement - as the children come from difficult, challenging backgrounds, we provide each child with the maximum educational and emotional support needed to help them mature and become productive, integrated adults with healthy families of their own.
  4. Our Lifetime Commitment - While all such government-sponsored programs end when the children graduate high school, our lifetime commitment to these young adults continues on. We have pledged to be their "family" and see them through the next stages of life, both emotionally and financially. This includes such challenges as army or national service, university or vocational education, and even marriage and starting a family of their own.
Bet Hayeled is affiliated with "Bet Zinger - Kfar Yechezkel", a recognized foundation under the auspices of the Welfare Ministry. It is through this foundation that we receive a government stipend that partially subsidizes the education and living expenses of the children until their high school graduation.

With extreme dedication Bet Hayeled is proud to operate year-round. It is supported and run by the community of Merav, who treat the project with the importance it deserves. Through the generosity of our friends and supporters in Israel and abroad, we strive to meet the growing emotional and physical needs of the Bet Hayeled children and graduates.

In short, our mission is to extract these children from the cycle of distress, while fostering a framework that inspires them to integrate into and contribute to society.

"He who maintains one soul from Israel . . .is as one who maintains an entire world" (Talmud Sanhedrin 37a).

Bet Hayeled
Making a difference that lasts a lifetime


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